For Immediate Release

High Power Shutters/Safety Interlocks

DRAFT RELEASE - Version 2.0

Ottawa, Canada - July 27, 2007

OZ Optics offers electrically controlled fiber optic shutters. These shutters are designed to work with high power lasers, and are controlled through a simple 12 Volt supply. They are ideal for safety interlocks, remote control systems and industrial laser applications. Input and output fibers are connected to the shutter, which opens or closes to transmit or block the light. An electrical connector gives one the option to link the shutter to a laser’s safety interlock, shutting down a laser should the shutter be closed.

Fiber optic shutters are now offered with sensors. These sensors detect whether or not fibers have been connected to both input and output receptacles. If either receptacle does not have a fiber connected, then the shutter will not open. This safety feature is ideal for fiber laser applications, ensuring that one cannot accidently remove a fiber while light is being transmitted, ensuring a worker’s safety.

Shutters are available for laser wavelengths ranging from 180nm to 2000nm. Both fiber-to-fiber shutters and laser-to-fiber couplers with shutters are available. Systems for 100 Watt CW lasers, and for high power pulsed lasers have been produced. We offer shutters that work with multimode, singlemode and polarization maintaining fibers. Contact an OZ Optics representative for technical details.

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